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Facts and Details about Maltipoo Dogs

Breeding of two purebred dogs results in creation of a Maltipoo dog. However, the purebred dogs required for breeding should comprise of a toy or miniature poodle and Maltese. Maltipoo breed of dogs, which are also termed as “designer dogs”, are, considered as the most easy and portable companions. There would hardly be a person, who can claim of not falling in love with these cute little pups.

Listed herewith are some details and information about the Maltipoo breeders in Florida, for the knowledge of people, who are unaware.


With usual cross breeding of a Maltese and a poodle, Maltipoo is likely to turn out the toy version of the latter. However, if Maltese is cross bred with a miniature poodle, the resultant offspring Maltipoo turns out to be somewhat bigger and larger, but still the smaller version. The average weight of a Maltipoo is approx. 5 to 20 pounds, while the height being 8 to 12 inches, when fully grown.


Considering their cross breeding history, Maltipoo puppies for sale are likely to attain traits of either of its ancestors. However, the color and coat qualities of a Maltipoo are likely to differ. Coat of Maltipoo, which is curly, similar, to a poodle, is, likely, have some waviness qualities in it. And, with neither variant of the breeding dogs shedding, Maltipoo is an ideal option to own, especially by people having allergic tendencies.

Regular grooming of Maltipoo dogs is essential, so as to prevent them from achieving a scruffy look. And, depending on the hair coat a Maltipoo dog has inherited, decision on whether it requires daily brushing and combing or not, can be taken.


For people living in smaller abodes, owning a Maltipoo dog comes across as an ideal option, thanks to their compact sizes. Also, training a Maltipoo dog is easier and simpler, without having to take them out for walks in inclement weather conditions. And, by effective training from your end, your Maltipoo dog will easily gauge as to which situation is ideal for barking and which is not.


Considering the fact that, both the breeding pedigrees are of friendly nature, there are unlikely chances of your Maltipoo dog turning out to be unfriendly. But, since poodles are known for their shyness, there are chances of the Maltipoo dog clinging on to its owner. And, being the resulting offspring breeding of two smart dogs, Maltipoo dogs are always on a lookout to please their owners, at any given time.

Here’s hoping that, the above mentioned information is sufficient enough for you, to take a confirmed decision on owning a cute and affable Maltipoo pup.

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